The Hidden Valley


Prescott Valley, Arizona

“The Hidden Valley”

In the mid 1960s, Prescott Valley Incorporated, a real-estate company from Phoenix, purchased land from the Fain family in an area 10 miles east of Prescott known as Lonesome Valley. In 1966, representatives from Prescott Valley Inc. began traveling to the Midwest to sell home lots to people who craved sunshine, mild weather, and magnificent scenery. Fast-forward to 1978, when more than 1,500 residents were living in the unincorporated area now known as Prescott Valley. On August 22, 1978, the voters of Prescott Valley voted overwhelmingly for incorporation as a town. In the intervening years, Prescott Valley has grown into one of the most progressive and attractive communities in Arizona to live and work. August 22, 2003 marked the Silver Anniversary of the Town of Prescott Valley’s first 25 years of incorporation.

The Prescott Valley lifestyle is for someone who enjoys a more relaxed pace of life but also wants the excitement of being part of an evolving community. Learn more about our natural environment, town history, arts and education and other elements that define the Prescott Valley lifestyle. Our mission statement and vision for the future of the town, below, capture the attitude of our leaders and residents.

The Town of Prescott Valley’s Mission Statement “To inspire and sustain a dynamic, innovative, and prosperous community through the combined talents of our citizenry.” Vision Statement: City of Prescott Valley 2020 The City of Prescott Valley is a recognized modern and vibrant regional urban hub in northern Arizona.

We are the center for medical services, transportation options, and educational and employment opportunities, and comprise a diverse cultural and ethic base. Our small town character and a sense of community has been valued and retained as a part of our emergence as a regional leader. New residential developments have contributed to the unique character brought about by the individuality of our neighborhoods within our community.

We remain a safe, attractive, and affordable place for families to live, work, and play. Community commerce has evolved to a mix of densities, intensities, and uses. Established business areas have flourished while new business and employment gateways have been developed. We, as a community, have capitalized upon and continue to protect our clean and beautiful natural environment and our financial and human resources to ensure a sustainable future. The diversity of our population is viewed as an asset by our community leaders and continues to shape our vision.

What makes Prescott Valley one of the fastest growing towns in the United States? A spectacular natural landscape, outdoor recreation, art, culture and history are a perfect complement to affordable new housing, a safe and peaceful family community and promising business opportunities. Take your pick…Prescott Valley offers something for everyone!

Prescott Valley is located in northern Arizona only about 90 miles from Phoenix, about 90 miles from Flagstaff, 28 miles from Jerome, 10 miles from Prescott, about 60 miles from Camp Verde, about 50 miles from Sedona and about 34miles from Clarkdale. You can even make a day trip to the Grand Canyon from here.

Once in Prescott Valley, there are many things to see and do. Why not check out the many unique shops in Prescott Valley and Prescott, or relax and have a bit to eat at one of our many restaurants, listen to some great music, explore the red rocks, hike, swim or just relax.

Once you have spent enough time shopping and relaxing in Prescott Valley, why not check out one of the communities close to us to see what they have to offer. There is just about everything one could desire in the vicinity of Prescott Valley, Arizona.

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