The Western Victorian City


Prescott, Arizona

“The Western Victorian City”

prescottPrescott is located in Arizona’s central mountains; four mild seasons offer just enough variation to make the weather interesting. Prescott is located 96 miles northwest of Phoenix and 90 miles southwest of Flagstaff, Arizona. The city was established in 1864, incorporated in 1881 and is the seat of government for Yavapai County. The city is named in honor of noted historian William Hickling Prescott.

GOLD – Its discovery in 1861 brought national attention to what later became the Territory of Arizona. These discoveries drew the attention of President Abraham Lincoln who was looking for possible sources of funding for the North during the Civil War. Arizona became a Territory February 24, 1863. John Goodwin, the .rst Territorial governor, established Prescott as the first Territorial capital, and Robert Groom and a partner began the work of laying out the current downtown streets.

Prescott developed rapidly, and in 1865 it was described as being built exclusively of wood and inhabited almost entirely by Americans. Both of these facts made it unique among early communities in Arizona. Prescott lost its title as the Capital of Arizona to Tucson and .nally to Phoenix in 1889. In 1900 a devastating .re burned a large portion of downtown Prescott to the ground. Many of the buildings you see today were rebuilt following the .re. Today many of Prescott’s residential streets are lined with tall trees and pitched-roof frame houses, including turreted Victorians. Prescott has over 700 homes and businesses listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and its granite courthouse set among green lawns and spreading trees re.ects the Midwestern and New England background of Prescott’s early pioneers.

Prescott is located in northern Arizona only 100 miles from Phoenix, 100 miles from Flagstaff, 30 miles from Jerome, 40 miles from Sedona, 20 miles from Camp Verde, 2 miles from Cottonwood and about 20 miles from Sedona. You can even make a day trip to the Grand Canyon from here.

Once in Prescott, there are many things to see and do. Why not check out the many unique shops in Prescott, or relax and have a bit to eat at one of our many restaurants, listen to some great music, take a stroll down whiskey row, hike, swim or just relax.

Once you have spent enough time shopping and relaxing in Prescott, why not check out one of the communities close to us to see what they have to offer. There is just about everything one could desire in the vicinity of Prescott, Arizona.


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