Open Land, Sunny Skies, Friendly People


Chino Valley, Arizona

“Open Land, Sunny Skies, Friendly People”

deerWe are nestled comfortably in the mountains of central Arizona, 15 miles north of Prescott, at an elevation of 4,750 feet. Chino Valley has a mild climate and a gentle four seasons. We enjoy 300 plus days of sunshine every year, and have an average rainfall of 10.6 inches. The Chino Valley area supports a variety of vegetation. Spring is heralded by grand tulips and daffodils. The summer landscape is marked with bountiful vegetable gardens where corn, squash, and beans flourish.

Summer’s harvest is celebrated at the annual corn dinner and dance held each Labor Day. Autumn’s colors, enhanced by profuse evergreens native to the area, give a beautiful prelude to the mild winters. Chino Valley’s population growth rate from 1990 to 2000 was 62%. Current town residents number approximately 8,000. The town is blessed with clean air, good soil, and an abundant supply of pure water, proven to require no treatment. Local wells provide most of the drinking water. Average well depths range between 200 to 500 feet. The Chino Valley Irrigation District, a 1700 acre service area, provides water for agricultural purposes. Whether your dream is your own garden, a small farm or a large ranch, Chino Valley has the resources to support your desires.

Chino Valley offers many choice homesites for all citizens. From a 60 x 100 to a 5 acre parcel; single family homes, apartments, mobile home parks, and permanent mobile homesites are available. Except for a limit of one swine on certain one-acre minimum parcels, local town zoning permits any type or number of farm animals per acre, keeping within health department standards.chino valley territorial capital, chino valley arizona

Chino Valley regulations are less restrictive than the county’s. A variety of religious denominations are also well represented in the area. Affordable living is enhanced by local facilities including parks, ball fields, free tennis courts, the Teen Center, Community Center, Senior Center and animal shelter. The community has a complete library, the fifth largest public library in Yavapai County. The library offers children’s activities, and has an on line database linked with other libraries in the county. The community is served by a fire district facility as well as a local police department. We’re also proud of our County Sheriff’s Posse, and the Search and Rescue Team. Low drug and crime rates prevail.

Chino Valley is located in northern Arizona only 150 miles from Phoenix, 90 miles from Flagstaff, 30 miles from Jerome, 40 miles from Prescott, 48 miles from Camp Verde, 36 miles from Cottonwood and about 50 miles from Sedona. You can even make a day trip to the Grand Canyon from here.

Once in Chino Valley, there are many things to see and do. Why not check out the many unique shops in Prescott, or relax and have a bit to eat at one of our many restaurants, listen to some great music, hike, swim or just relax.

Once you have spent enough time shopping and relaxing in Chino Valley, why not check out one of the communities close to us to see what they have to offer. There is just about everything one could desire in the vicinity of Chino Valley, Arizona.

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